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Welcome to VMAXTANKS


 You are about to be introduced to one of the best AGM Deep Cycle Batteries on the market. Unlike most of the mass produced batteries on the market, VMAXTANKS™ are designed and custom built for tough applications.  

The specially engineered plates used in all
VMAXTANKS™ give them the high performance and reliability they are known to deliver.

In addition to the superior deep cycle capabilities all VMAXTANKS™ are made to deliver, our Competition (CT)* series is also capable of delivering higher Burst Amps- specifically needed for competition vehicles equipped with high power audio systems, special effects and hydraulics.

Though CT batteries are built to replace any of our other series, it is the only one recommended for high power audio applications. 

Please refer to our FAQ page to know more about VMAXTANKS™

You can purchase our Competition (CT) batteries through our Dealers network listed on our Dealer Locator Page .
If there are no local CT dealers nearby, or for any other series (MB,MR, ST & SLR)*, please make your order online and 
we will take every measure to insure your full satisfaction.

* CT >Competition Series: use in car audio, hydraulics and all other applications requiring fast charge delivery rates with deep cycle capabilities.
  MB >Mobility Series: use in electric-wheelchairs, golf-carts, medical-equipment, scooters, scrubbers, sweepers, commercial-vacuums.
  MR >Marine & RV Series: use in boats, trolling-motors and all other marine and RV applications.
  SLR> Solar Series: use in solar, wind and renewable-energy applications.
  ST >Starting Series: use in cars, trucks, snow plows, construction equipment, buses, motorcycles, tractors and other farm equipment.
  Starting AGM batteries must be wrapped with a battery heat shield in areas where the average temperature exceeds 90F.

VMAXTANKS™, Tough Batteries for Tough Applications.

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